Penetration Testing in English

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This most potent way to discover weaknesses in a network is to use the same mindset, tool and technique as hackers. In this Advance Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing course. You will learn all your way up to Gathering Information, Scanning your target, Finding Vulnerabilities, Exploit them with post exploitation under your belt.
Here You will learn properly and professionally breaking the things and figuring out how and why they can be hacked.

It’s the 2nd module of cyber security expert Module.

You will learn:
1.How to perform Penetration Testing on Various Environment.
2.Enumeration is the keys You will enumerate a lot.
3.Test various type of real world scenario and will successfully exploit them.
4.This course will make you ready for a lot of Security Certification throughout the Globe.

Recommended Experience:
1.Complete “Ethical Hacking for Beginners”


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