After watching the video tutorials for the projects, you need to make a project report and submit it to the following mail IDs: To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Project report format should be like this: ● Cover Page: – Top: Company logo with the address – Middle: Project Report on Machine Learning – Bottom: Mention your full name and email id ● Acknowledgment ● Content/Index (, project name, page no.) ● Project Content Details – Project Name – Aim/Objective – Steps Performed by you during the development of the project – attach a screenshot for every step. – Project Output – Conclusion The last two pages of your project should contain the following ???????? ● Reference Taken ● Bibliography NOTE: ■ Font should be Times New Roman and font size should be readable. ■ Page Border on every page. ■ Make the use of Bold, Italic, and underline as per your representation. ■ All the content inside your project should be properly aligned. Now, proceed further to finish the training.